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Touch Point Farm

Now that we're on a path to making Touch Point Farm a reality, we wanted to start sharing some details with our closest friends.

We purchased 29.5 acres of land just east of Lebanon, TN, most of which has been a cow pasture until now.  We bought it as an "unimproved" property, meaning we've had to figure out how to get utilities like power and water... which has added to the adventure!

We are building our home on the southwest corner (green) and the barn (red) on the northern edge.  Take a look a the animation below to orient yourself with your new home for equine fun!

The Barn

Christine has been designing barns in her mind (plus plenty of doodles) for more than 20 years and now that she has the opportunity to make it real, she  is bringing all of her dreams, as well as her personal experiences into this design.

Our plan is to have 17 stalls so that the Touch Point herd, including someone new, will have a home with 12 friends.   We're also excited that we humans will be sleeping only 500 feet away so we can keep a close eye on things!

The U shape of the barn is designed to keep everyone in touch and maximize efficiency in our daily barn lives.  We'll provide a (human) shower for a quick clean up, plus a washer and dryer that can take a bit more of a beating than yours at home so you can get your blankets and saddle pads clean. 

We'll have a centralized community tack room with individual tack lockers for each stall.  This space will double as a lounge and arena viewing area.

Horseback Riding

We'll have two places to ride, an enclosed indoor and an outdoor lighted arena. 

Our indoor arena can be reached directly from inside the barn so that weather won't be an issue. Our riders will have 12,000 square feet in the 170' x 60' arena, ready for jumping.  We expect the space to be very comfortable, with floor-to-ceiling walls to keep the wind and cold out, plus large ceiling fans to keep the air moving.


Each stall has an attached private paddock (patio!) reached via a dutch door so your horse can pick and choose their indoor/outdoor time when they aren't spending time in the larger pasture.

We'll save time and money by utilizing "The Shaker" to maximize separating solids from shavings, helping us make sure every horse has the right bedding.  Water will be kept in heated buckets and filled from our filtered rainwater system.  We'll handle feeding using locally sourced hay, quality grain, and supplements from our central inventory, with individualized feeding plans.


Our 20 acre, large turnout pasture provides ample room for your horse to move over varied terrain in a natural, herd like setting.  The pasture is directly connected to each patio for easy turnout and turn in access.  For horses requiring a quieter lifestyle, we will have several private 1/4 acre paddocks available for monthly rental. 

The turn out schedule will be seasonally managed to maximize comfort for your horse.


Boarding will come in three different packages: Standard, Full, and Comfort Care. 

If desired, the base packages can be personalized to include regular grooming, blanketing, or even medication management.

We'll share details as we get closer to our move in date - we look forward to welcoming you into our equine family!

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