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Our Services

Touch Point provides lessons for riders in the outdoor or covered arenas at Hidden Acres Farm.  Our team of lesson horses will provide beginning and intermediate riders with a low stress opportunity to develop their skills along with a new relationship. 

We are also happy to help with keeping your Hidden Acres boarded horse in shape with regular conditioning rides or just daily care while you're away.

Please note that we do not provide trail rides or single session rides.  We are a long term lesson program.


The horseback riding lessons offered by TPRS aim to develop well-rounded, competent riders and horsemen.  Our lessons focus not only on proper riding and handling techniques and appropriate behavior around horses.  They also focus on taking a mindful approach to human-equine interactions, honing in on the awareness of the impact the student’s and horse’s actions have on one another.

Lessons are geared toward the beginning and intermediate rider, for both horse owners and non-owners.  Every student progresses at his or her own rate with no pressure to follow any timeline.  No student is cut from the program due to poor progress or lack of development. 

Riders are shown how to groom and tack their horses during the first lesson, and then can work up to becoming completely independent in that area, should they choose, gradually allowing for more and more of the lesson time to be spent working with the horse directly or riding. 


Riding time includes instruction in equitation aimed at the current level of the rider, exercises in communication with the horse and other riders, physical development exercises for the rider and horse.


After the lesson, riders can work up to independently cooling out and untacking their own horses, should they choose, reinforcing concepts of caring, friendship, and responsibility toward their horses.

Lesson Fees

30 Minute Lessons

  • Touch Point Horse: $25

  • Your Horse: $25

60 Minute Lessons

  • Touch Point Horse: $45

  • Your Horse: $40


Ready to book?  Reach out to Christine via phone or text:


Riding Equipment

No need to make a major investment if you're just getting started.  You likely already own most of what you need and we will provide you with the rest in order to get you riding.

We have a wide range of helmet sizes, and all the horse-related equipment (saddles, bridles, stirrups). 


You need to arrive with:

  • Long pants such as jeans or leggings - no need for anything special.

  • Close-toed shoes like tennis shoes, hiking boots, or cowboy boots.

  • Head covering such as a bandana or scarf if you're wearing our helmet

  • Weather appropriate shirt

  • Water bottle

  • Sunglasses & Sunscreen


We strongly recommend all of our riders buy riding gloves.  Also, if you'd like to buy your own helmet (a bicycle helmet is not okay), we recommend looking the Troxel Sport and Troxel Liberty helmets.

As you progress with your lessons, we'll discuss the right time to invest in riding boots or similar equipment. 

Training and Care

If you've got a horse at Hidden Acres today, we offer horse-sitting care to help when you're not available to take care of those smaller things - custom turn-out, blanketing, feet cleaning, medication and more.

If your horse needs a few more miles, we've got several packages to help you and your equine partner meet your goals.

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