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Sally Dakota joined Touch Point in 2018 as a rescue.  We don't know a lot of Sally's details, but she's a paint horse who is about 12 years old.

We do know that she has experienced trauma in her past and this helps her to bond with those that may have had traumatic experiences themselves.

She is a caring and motherly horse who knows what the rider needs

and isn't afraid to push a rider out of their comfort zone.  She's a great fit with equine therapy in mind.


Medford James was our very first lesson horse, helping to start the program in 2017. He is a 10 year old, off-the-track thoroughbred.  In his past he suffered a knee injury and was retired since his favorite activities were snacks and naps.

Medford is a bold horse and challenges our riders.  He loves to try his hardest at anything asked of him.

He is always up for an adventure, he's spunky and loves attention and affection.


Kangaroo Lynne joined the Touch Point family in late 2020 to help handle our increasing number of riders.

Roo was a competitive reining and roping horse, but came down with career ending Lyme disease in her joints.  She now spends her days patiently teaching beginner and younger students how to groom and care for horses, as well as basics of horseback riding.

Roo is sassy and sleepy, and not afraid to show it.


Oscar Gregory is a momma's boy, although he wouldn't admit it if asked.  He joined Christine in 2010 when he was just 11 months old.

Oscar, who doesn't do too many lessons, but when he does, he helps our riders develop their seat.  He is large and in charge, great at enforcing boundaries and challenging riders to do the same.

He is a handsome paint and he knows it.

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