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Touch Point Gear

As Touch Point has grown, we've had people ask about how they can show pride in our program by having our logo somewhere around their person.  We're slowly figuring out what works best and building up a small inventory. 


Not everything on this page is always on hand, but let us know what you're interested in and we'll see if we've got it, otherwise you'll be on the list for the next order!

Because Christine is a mega fan of hoodies, we had to get a pullover as our first piece of wearable TPRS gear. 


Working with a Stitchmark, a friendly local company, Christine fell in love with the the Gildan "heavy blend" pullover.  If she's happy, we figure it will make you happy as well.

The TPRS logo is 12 inches wide across the back.


hoodie mockup 2020 SOCIAL.png
Touchpoint tshirt mockup 2021 SOCIAL.png

As spring and summer arrive, leaving behind Christine's favorite weather (hoodie), we've got you covered with a nice and simple, but comfy gray tee-shirt.


Once again the TPRS logo is proud 12 inches wide across the back.


In case you'd like to show your TPRS pride in a different way, we've got these beautiful enamel pins!

These are 1.5 inches wide and little more than an inch tall.  They work well on backpacks, hats, or bags.  They've got a safety pin style closure on the back to keep them in place.



We've also got stickers!! These are 2.5 inches wide, so they will fit nicely on things like helmets.



Future Products

We don't know what else might be cool.  Patches?  Water bottles?  Earrings?  Key chains? Let us know your fun idea and maybe we'll make it work!

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